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1995 Pinnacle Baseball Card Checklist
- 6 Cards

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1995 Pinnacle E.T.A. '95 #ETA1 Ben Grieve
Oakland Athletics
1995 Pinnacle E.T.A. '95 #ETA2 Alex Ochoa
Baltimore Orioles
1995 Pinnacle E.T.A. '95 #ETA3 Joe Vitiello
Kansas City Royals
1995 Pinnacle E.T.A. '95 #ETA4 Johnny Damon
Kansas City Royals
1995 Pinnacle E.T.A. '95 #ETA5 Trey Beamon
Pittsburgh Pirates
1995 Pinnacle E.T.A. '95 #ETA6 Brooks Kieschnick
Chicago Cubs