Basketball Card Checklists by Year

Click the links below to view the sets issued for that year.

Buy a Sportscard Checklist in Excel Format

Checklist from the Topps company are gathered from PDF files. Our team creates Excel spread sheets with this information. Each Sports Card in the set has a column for Sport, Year, Company, Set, Number, Player, Team, Print Run, Set Type, RC Flag, Short Print Flag, Game Used Flag, and Autograph Flag.

The Excel Spreadsheets are delivered by email after you purchase through PayPal. Each Spreadsheet costs $5.


How Fast Can You List Sports Cards?All of the checklists on the Sports Card Checklists website are available to use for listing sports card online with the GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel. You can list new and vintage Sports Cards easily, individually or in bulk with one click listing, or use our spreadsheet tools for lightning fast bulk uploads. You can make one listing, and sell it on multiple channels, such as eBay, Amazon, or your own online store.

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