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New Release checklists on are compiled from public information released by the Card Manufacturers. All of these checklists, plus many more, are available for use with the GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel. The details we store in our database are used for eBay Item Specifics and detailed information for the Amazon Marketplace when listing sports cards for sale with our tools. New checklists are added as soon as they are available for all new releases of Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey Sports Cards. We are adding past releases on a daily basis.

On all the checklists that we have compiled we strive for accuracy. Please Contact Us with any corrections needed. Click the sports below to browse the available checklists.

Search eBay When viewing the checklists look for the Right Now on eBay logo. Click to search eBay for that particular sports card. You can shop for deals to buy, or see what has sold on eBay.

Attention eBay Sellers Selling Sports Cards!

How Fast Can You List Sports Cards?All of the checklists on the Sports Card Checklists website are available to use for listing sports card online with the GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel. You can list new and vintage Sports Cards easily, individually or in bulk with one click listing, or use our spreadsheet tools for lightning fast bulk uploads. You can make one listing, and sell it on multiple channels, such as eBay, Amazon, or your own online store.

Compatible w/eBay Stores or Auctions and the Amazon Marketplace
Sell on eBay, Amazon, AND/OR Your Own Website
Save Time! Fast and Easy Listing Process
Upload spreadsheets for any type of item that you create.
Access our database of Sports Cards and U.S. Coins for quick and easy one click listing, or lightning fast bulk uploads
Arrow Auto Insert Categories, Shipping and Payment settings.
Arrow Easy tools and methods to add multiple images to your listings. As Many As You Need.
Arrow Send listings to eBay individually or in bulk as Auctions or Buy It Now, with any setting or duration that eBay provides (Best Offer, Reserves, etc)
Arrow Sync with Amazon for the easiest listing anywhere!
Arrow Order Manager to retrieve sales from all channels, print invoices, send email confirmation, and complete eBay sales (Leave Feedback, provide tracking information)
Arrow Free eBay Scheduling! Over 800,000 items successfully listed on eBay.

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We talk about selling sports cards on eBay and Amazon, how it all got started, and what the Multiple Channel Control Panel can do for Sports Card and Coin sellers.

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